Advertising Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

Advertising is a type of marketing communication through an audio or visual form that spreads a sponsored message to promote or sell a product, idea or service. In Advertising an advertiser usually pays and has control over the message. Advertising is communicated through mass media. Newspapers, magazines, televisions, radio, direct mail, search results, blogs, websites are examples of the communication medium. This message in a medium is referred to as an advertisement or ad. There are plenty of opportunities in this field as one can work a graphic designer, account planner, media planner, advertising and sales manager, copywriter, creative director. There are no limits in one’s earnings.

Job Opportunities
There are variations with the responsibilities different professionals handle in the field of advertising. Account manager works differently than the one in Account planning. The creative team works to create effective, creative and innovative advertisements. The market researcher works to understand the psych of the consumer. As mentioned earlier, a salary is not a constraint for the right candidate in the advertising field. Income purely depends on the individual’s qualifications and experience.

A passion for creating a new, creative and innovative idea is the attribute in advertising. Today’s market experts understand the minds of the consumer and try to capture the space for the brand while creating the advertisement. Prerequisites in advertising differ in terms of the departments one joins. So it is truly an open field to penetrate but one can be so sure in which section of the advertising he wants to enter with the skills he possesses.

Usually, a qualification in Advertising, Mass media communication or Journalism is adequate. Again education in advertising depends upon the department one joins.

Merits and Demerits
Demanding work and high pressure are the obvious demerits of this job but there are more merits too to lighten the thing up. The main advantage of the advertising field is it is a great platform to learn different things. One can come and get the expert knowledge of the fields as well as get to know the behaviors of the consumers. Today MNCs are training the young people and giving them the opportunities to work with the giant branding agencies exposing them to the new stories and trends in foreign countries. Satisfaction and deserving salary package complete one’s desire.


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