Career Guidance in Agricultural Science in India

India is a largely agrarian country. More than 60% of our populations depend on agriculture and agricultural related fields. We need proper planning and understanding of this field to feed our population. The impact of agriculture can be felt not only on fruits, vegetables, and food grains but also on the agricultural related industries. We are now independent as far as agricultural production is concerned. Indian agriculture field has shown tremendous up move since independence. India has stated using state of the art modern farming technology, genetically modified seeds and other varieties for higher yield.

Job Opportunities
The agricultural field ranges from studying research and development to supervisory work to the commercialization of agricultural production to exporting the surplus yields. Jobs are available to research-based academic programs, Agri-business, Agro-industry, Agricultural education, farming technology, Agro-banking and agricultural engineering, and management. Food processing industries are too booming to add the value added to the product just to make it live longer. These industries too are offering jobs to young blood with ample salary package.

A foremost and most important requirement for choosing the agricultural area is Interest in this area, knowledge of the agro-based industry, ability to stay calm under uncertainty and attitude to help and educate the rural people to help them uplift their lives. Another attribute is to be ready to stay outdoors and live among rural people. Agricultural is a field where there is a job for everyone. You must have the desire to live for people. There is a wide chance to be a social entrepreneur while adapting to agricultural if you have a burning desire to serve the people of this great country.

You can be a part of the agricultural industry even without having formal education. But to be into the senior position in this field you need to have the required qualification. Basic education and training is imparted by a Bachelor degree in agricultural engineering in all agricultural universities in India. Eligibility criteria are 10+2 level with science or agriculture. You can get the admission in Masters degree on the performance of your bachelor’s. All the agricultural universities offer courses in Masters in Agricultural science/engineering. They also provide a Ph.D. degree in different disciplines. Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, National Dairy Institute, Karnal and Central Institute of Fisheries, Mumbai conduct separate entrance exam to get into the courses.

Merits and Demerits
One must be physically fit and love to spend time outdoors with people. One must be able to cope with rural people and should possess a jolly nature to be with them. Most people in this area are self-employed and working hours are not fixed. But the level of satisfaction is very high compared to other professions when the outcome of your efforts helps someone meet their ends.


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