Animation Career Option: Job Opportunities, Course, Salary

Animation got its name from the word anima which means soul. Animations can be defined as the art of offering life into a character. The animation is all about drawing, designing, layout, and graphically alluring multimedia clips. The animation is used in making movies and cartoons by moving the characters with the help of computers and other electronic means.

Job Opportunities

A lot of job opportunities are available in India as well as abroad in the field of Animation. It opens up the door for Hollywood which is the center of animation and imagery world. Special computer skills and advanced knowledge of other electronic means are prerequisites to enter into the world of Animation. One can work with the film industry, advertising or television. There are many fields in Animation which are content developers, storytellers, character animators, 3d animators, background artists, layout artists, visual effect artists, visualizers, audio and video specialists, clean-up artists, lighting artists, and paint artists. A junior animation artist can get a salary of 15000 rupees per month. A well-experienced animator can get up to 50000-60000 rupees or more per month.


A creative mind, innovation, and passion for the job are the requirements.


Training is the most important factor for making a student into an animator. There is not predefined qualification required for this field. One with a creative mind, sketching skills, and passion can enter into the Animation world. Although a diploma or degree in animation could be a plus point. National Institute of Designing, IIT Mumbai and Manipal university offer the full-time course in Animation.

Merits and Demerits

Stiff competition is there. Most animators are freelancers and gaining ample experience to get good full-time employment. To work under pressure with an innovative and clear idea are some of the negative aspects.


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