Career as an Archaeologist: Courses, Jobs, Scope, Salary

Archaeology is the study of human behaviour through the study of artefacts and stone cultures. The archaeology data includes artefacts, stones, caves, landscapes, architecture and biofacts. Archaeology is a social science and is a branch of humanities. Archaeometry, Dendrochronology, Isotope analysis, Palynology, Radiocarbon dating, Zooarchaeology, Geoarchaeology and Bioarchaeology are some different sciences of Archaeology.

Job Opportunities

Future and career prospects of Archaeology are very demanding since it is the specialized branch of study. Indian civilization goes back to thousands of years and remains could be traced back to urbanisation that started as early as 4000 ago in Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. In India, one can find very good career push as we are rich in history. Archaeologists find employment in government organizations and their yearly salary would be around 10000 rupees per month which is not a bad start at all. One can go for the academic career too and lecturers can get up to 20000 rupees per month. The museum curators would get even more. Archaeologists need to travel abroad to work in foreign projects. Those who work with private museums and galleries are paid even higher.


One must have a lot of interest while pursuing Archaeology. Archaeologists must be very patient and careful while working with historical sites. One has to be very focused and concentrated throughout the excavation of the old site. Mental strength to remain calm and refreshed while the work is delayed must be considered as the strongest attributes.


Bachelor’s in Archaeology is offered some colleges but to get into the master’s degree one has to have a bachelor’s degree in Archaeology, History, Anthropology, Sociology, Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Botany or Zoology. Post graduation diploma in Archaeology is offered by Archaeological Survey of India and Institute of Archaeology. Candidates with a bachelor degree in MA in history or in archaeology are eligible for the course. Delhi Institute of heritage research and management offer two courses in archaeology. Those who have a bachelor degree in Archaeology, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Physics or Chemistry can opt for these courses.

Merits and Demerits

Archaeology is a multidisciplinary subject, one can get a good knowledge of History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Sociology while making the career in Archaeology. One can get to know Art and Literature too. While working as an Archaeologist one can learn other languages and cultures too. The main disadvantage is that one has to clean up the whole site with a small brush that is boring and cumbersome. Sometimes funding could be stopped or delayed thus halting the work at the site would be like closing the project.