Architecture Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

There has been incredible growth in construction activities in India since the last five to seven years. Bungalows, multi-storied buildings, Shopping malls, complexes, IT parks, SEZs, complete townships, big community centers, these are all complete the list of construction activities in India. The demand for skilled architecture is high who can design the building with modern and future perspective. Salaries of the architectures have almost doubled now.

Job Opportunities

Architects need to work with numerous people, engineers, clients, government employees, etc. After collaborating all the required persons, an architect would be able to shape the final design of the building. Thus work profile of the architect is intact indeed; he has to deal with the client for the final designing of the building, work with the engineers for the execution, interacting with the government officials on maintaining laws, etc. Architects can work not only with designing and making the buildings but also in the projects like Regional Township planning, urban planning, Industry designing etc. Starting salary of an architect can be 20000 to 30000 rupees per month and can grow with his or her experience.


Passion for designing and interest in making building are important aspects of architecture. Knowledge in Mathematics and history could be plus points in one’s career. Also working with experienced architects and their style of working could be the vital parameters. The architect must possess certain personalities like teamwork, leadership skill, observation power, discipline and awareness of social and environmental factors. In addition, good communication skills, imagination, good organizing skills, physical stamina are important too.


One must qualify with the subject like mathematics and physics. Private institutions take their own entrance examinations for the entry into the course. In today’s world, one need to work on the computer so the knowledge of AutoCAD is prerequisite. One can also opt for the masters after completing a bachelor’s degree. Start looking for early internship while pursuing your study to gain practical knowledge as well. Earlier training at the construction site would prove fruitful once you are on the field after the education.

Merits and Demerits

Growth of the architecture industry depends on the economy. Thus we can see much demand in developing countries like India. It involves working on the field under any weather conditions. But one can be satisfied with oneself when the construction is over.