Indian Army Career Option: Eligibility, Age, Qualification

Defending the territorial boundary against all the external aggression is the sole responsibility on the Indian Army. Indian army protects its people and country from the enemy during wartime. And during peacetime it helps the civilian in case of natural or manmade disasters. Indian army helps the government to maintain law and order during internal disturbances. The army is divided into combat arms and services. Combat arms are the infantry, the artillery, armoured corps, corps of engineers and signal corps. Services include medical, supply, education and intelligence corps.

Job Opportunities

Indian Army is the sole employer for you. Personal growth takes place at every step in the army. You can start your career as a Captain and can reach to the General level depending upon the services, seniority and fitness of course. This government job entitles you many perks which cannot be counted while calculating salary. As many as 61 perks and allowances are there in the army. Some of the perks are not quantified in terms of cash and are immune to inflation.


Physical and mental alertness are the foremost requirements to be a soldier in the army. Service selection board select the candidates on their mental and physical fitness tests too. Even courses in National defence academy and Indian Military services test a candidate’s mental and physical level under extreme pressure.


To get into NDA after class 11, one has to clear the entrance exam and a 5-day interview and the medical test. To get into IMA, Dehradun, one needs to pass the combined defence services exam when he or she is in the last year of college. Another way to get into IMA is 10+2 level entry, after your 12th you can join the academy if you have the 70% aggregate marks in maths, physics and chemistry. Through university level scheme and Technical graduate course, you can join the IMA too.

Merits and Demerits

All the basic requirements are provided like housing, medical and schooling of children. You can get various and constant opportunities to upgrade your skills. You would have the honour and pride to represent your country. Joint military exercises with foreign countries could get you additional combat experience. The disadvantages are that tremendous hard work, absolute discipline and the fact that you are risking your life.


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