BPO/KPO Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

India is considered as an excellent low-cost location by foreign companies and thus the growth in the sectors like Business Process Outsourcing is phenomenal. Moreover, India has an advantage of large talented and English speaking workforce. These companies make a huge profit by outsourcing their core business to India. The work in the outsourcing industry includes voice and non-voice interaction with the clients, customer support, transactional support, telemarketing and human resource management. Jobs in KPO includes engineering designing, subject analysis, analysis and design, market research, animation, biotechnology, data interpretation and data analysis.

Job Opportunities

Outsourcing sector is providing more and more value-added opportunities like legal process outsourcing, healthcare, retail, and resource planning for corporations. One can start from the executive and can be project manager to the training manager. Postgraduates and more qualified candidates find jobs at KPIs which demand more skills. One can get the starting salary of 10000 rupees per month as an executive. A team leader earns up to 25000 rupees or more. Managers can get the package between 5 to 8 lakhs per annum. In a KPO salary starts at 4 lakhs per annum and increases depending upon the experience.


A BPO or KPO worker must be an excellent problem solver. He must possess good verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Analysis, quick response and logical understanding are the strongest attributes of the candidates. The team leader has to have a leading skill in any condition. Good personality, positive attitude, cool temperament, stamina, cooperative nature, listening ability, less interruptive nature are the attributes companies are looking in the one’s behavior.


Any fresh graduates can join the BPO. It doesn’t need any special qualification and recruitment is done on one’s behavior and communication skills during the interview session. Jobs at KPOs require special education like MBA, engineering, Master’s in Computer Application, Chartered Accountancy etc.

Merits and Demerits

BPOs and KPOs operate 24/7/365 days thus one must be open to working in any shifts. And these shifts are likely to change as per business requirements. One has to be active mentally and must look fresh all the time.