Brand Management Careers in India: Education, Jobs & Salary

In today’s world, people care more about the brand. One can give the credit for this to happen to the branding managers who work hard to take these products into people’s mind by creating a unique identity of the product. Brand managers are also responsible for creating the demand for the products and services in the market. Thus brand managers are involved in designing the brand, planning and developing the brand, adding value to it and upgrading and protecting it against the competitors in the market.

Job Opportunities

Main responsibilities of the brand manager are the spot the competitors, assess the demand of products and services, find the new customers, keep the current consumers happy, make the strategies. Brand manager’s job profile includes finding a name for the product, register it, launching it, work on the pre-strategies, checking product health, consumer satisfaction, change the marketing strategies when needed, keeping an eye on competitors, measuring the benefits, etc. Public and private both sectors require the help of the brand managers. Salary depends on the quality of work and experience. One can start the career with a salary of 5 to 8 lakhs rupees per annum which can go up to 15 to 20 lakhs per annum.


Brand managers need to be very creative, innovative, analytical, sharp strategy planner, logical thinker and alert about the latest trends of the market. Aspirants must learn and read about the market first before going for the job. One must learn the trends about the products and services. Analysis of the behavior of the people should be kept in mind.


Master’s in Business Management or Post graduate diploma in management gives aspirants enough background to go in the market and get the job. Product marketing and some experience in advertising could be advantageous.

Merits and Demerits

This job is highly performance driven and one needs to work in extreme competition which could be very stressful. You must be aware of the current trends in the market so you need to read and learn throughout your career. Learning will not stop. On the other hand, it is very lucrative, challenging and enriching career.