Careers in Broadcast Journalism: Job Duties and Requirements

The glamour and attitude behind the profession allure the young minds to make the career in Broadcast Journalism. This is the fields where time bound pressure is very high and visual messages are more to convey that in the print media. One has to be alert all 24/7/365 to be with the current affairs all over the world. What is the best part in seeing the news is here the news is broadcast live, it is not simply read and shown? Broadcast Journalists are the one who conveys the fact-based news in front of people to make them believe in the news.

Job Opportunities

Broadcast journalism is a multidimensional job. Most journalists work day and night when the news is about to go live. These activities include collecting information, pursuing events, verifying facts, going in detail, observing the events, interviewing related people, making notes and recording videos, etc. Then one has to organize the material collected, finding the points to be in the center of the story, edit the contents to be real and finally preparing the final news clip and all these have to happen within the stipulated time. Video journalists also capture the newsprint from all available sources like newspaper, magazines, international articles, and journals.


Importance attributes include sharp ears, listening ability, presence of mind, clear thoughts, neutrality, good communication skill and of course enthusiasm. Besides, one has to be ready to present the writing scripts in visual. Physical fitness, confidence, determination, knowledge of current affairs, ability to work long hours, mental strength and personality are some other essential traits.


In advanced technological media, experienced and educated candidates preferred. One has to complete the required graduation or post graduation in communication and mass media before entering into the field of journalism.

Merits and Demerits

Communication through visuals is the biggest advantage of Broadcast Journalism. It is a more organized way to convey the news, is also a trustworthy platform to communicate and certainly more paying field than print journalism. Journalism is a very dangerous job when you are reporting natural calamities or riots. You have to work long hours to meet the deadlines which can cause stress and mental weakness. Recording a video clip is the utmost requirement of visual broadcasting to prove the fact.