Business Management Career: Eligibility, Jobs, Colleges & Salary

Business management is defined as the process of managing the business and related operations of the company like staffing, recruiting, administrating, finance, technology, etc. With the expansion of liberalization, privatization, and globalization, business management is one of the most promising and sought after profession worldwide.

Job Opportunities

Business management program prepares the candidates for various opportunities and flexibility. One can get the best managerial skills which are required by transnational companies. Salary depends on one’s skills, company, experience and the institute from which he graduated. Fresher can get the package of 5 lakhs rupees per annum.


Interpersonal skills, communication skills, attitude, personality, analytical ability and some professional skills like time management and leadership are the required attributed to being the best in the field. Additional traits required in a manager include patience, long term vision, attitude to do the best, the mission to meet the goal, great coordinating power, quick decision making power and ability to handle the manpower. He must be aware of the current national and global scenario.


One must pass the 10+2 to enroll in the bachelor course of business management like Bachelor in Business administration (BBA) or Bachelor in business management (BBM). Top management MNCs ask for post graduation degree. One has to go for the master’s degree of one has aggregate 50% marks in the bachelor degree. Post graduations in business management offers various specialized fields like human resource, engineering management, technology, finance, international business etc. Some reputed institutions take their own entrance examinations to enter into their campus. You must pass all the three phases written exam, group discussion, and personal interview.

Merits and Demerits

Business administration has some advantages over other professions like good status, remuneration, learning opportunities, business travels in foreign countries. But on the other side stress and competitive business environment are the obvious disadvantages.