Chartered Accountant Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses & Salary

Play with the numbers, the courage to show the facts, strong enough to make the commitment, eloquently speaking about the corporate laws is what the chartered accountants do. Examining, analyzing, interpreting the financial aspects to come naturally to them. After passing the tough exam, a chartered accountant is able to be a member of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. They use their knowledge and skills to serve the nation in financial matter and management.

Job Opportunities

This profession is evergreen and the chartered accountants are very much in demand in case of the economic slowdown. Their main work is company auditing. While auditing, they scrutinize and analyze the book of companies and add their comments based on their analysis. They provide consultancy to the corporations and individuals on national, international laws, tax laws, corporate laws, project, planning, financial management, advising in time of crisis, business mergers and takeovers and on stock markets. Chartered accountants also find opportunities in capital markets, banking, and real estate. Their salary starts with 8 lakh rupees per month and can go up to 20 lakhs rupees in 4-5 years.


This profession demands the best brain not only auditing the firm’s account books but giving them the much-needed advice for profiting in time of crisis. The job requires those candidates who work with numbers so easily, who has the ability to analyze the situations and take quick decision, a logical mind, methodological approach, objectivity, and honesty.


Formal education for chartered accountancy can be derived from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Candidates who have completed their graduation can register to ICAI. After completing 10+2 one can go for the ICAI which offers the same course. ICAI holds the examination twice a year. After completing the examination, one can go for practical training. They work as a trainee under the guidance of the registered chartered accountant and simultaneously preparing for the exams.

Merits and Demerits

This field is for those people who enjoy finance and auditing the most. This field is going to gain only even in the economic slowdown. The best dimension in this field is the prestige because, without their certification, a company’s audit cannot be legal in the country. One has to be prepared for the long work hours during the closing of the financial year. Mental stress and constant workload are the main disadvantages.


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