Choreographer: Career, Salary and Education Information

Choreographers are dance directors who are the best dancers themselves. Choreography needs excellent work in techniques, original ideas, innovation in dancing, modern steps, understanding of the music, steps coordination with partners, costumes and lighting. Choreographers are the real persons behind the successful artists on stages, drama, and films.

Job Opportunities

Choreographers are the persons who are responsible for the beginning of dancing, planning of steps, innovation in steps, modern movements, facial expressions, body movements. They also indulge in auditioning and training a candidate, instructing them during rehearsals, recreating the traditional dances. These may be done for professional ad or drama agencies, regional dance competition, stage or street competition, communities, schools, colleges, commercials, and movies. Choreographers can also work with school and colleges. Remuneration depends on one’s experience and knowledge. They can earn from 8000 to 10000 rupees per show and can go up to lakhs as they gain experience.


Choreographers are the dance instructors of the artists performing on stage, commercials, in school or colleges and movies. Performance of these artists is dependent fully on the choreographers and their knowledge of dancing. Their instructions about the dance performance of artists decide the popularity of a dance show. The aspirants thus require in-depth knowledge of dance technique, a passion for music, understanding of the rhythm, active body, stamina to dance long hours, flexible body, nice communicator, enthusiast to assist the director consistently, good communication skills and friendly nature.


Aspirants must begin practicing of dancing and be passionate about it. Candidate must train himself at reputed dancing school first. College or University degree is not required to be a choreographer. Aspirants must be able to dance on different musical tunes, must possess the ability to move his body according to music and must be physically fit. Initially, one can start at the school or college communities or start working as assistants under the leadership of reputed choreographers at well knows dance agencies.

Merits and Demerits

Choreography is a hot career in India and abroad as well. Everyone loves music and dance. Movies cannot complete without songs and dancing. Hence nice working environments, great opportunities in future, good remuneration, entertaining life, reputation, glamour are the advantages of being a choreographer. Disadvantages are a rigorous and continuous practice, no break during show time, highly determined mind, positivity and self-motivation in odd times.