Airline and Commercial Pilots Career, Salary and Education Information

This career of a commercial pilot is a highly rewarding and adventurous career. It is a specialized job and requires intense training. The demand for trained pilots is evergreen all over the world. As big corporations are too jumping into the aviation sector, trained pilots will be in demand for sure.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities in aviation sectors are available in public and private sectors, airlines, cargo planes, transport planes, charter and private planes. Commercial pilots get very attractive remuneration and allowance. Their family members too get the share in the concession and allowance. Pilots can earn from 40000 to 150000 rupees per month depending upon where they get employed.


The inner guts to fly high and passion to be on top are the foremost attributes one need to possess to enter into this field. This profession requires strict discipline, dedication, concentration, good eyesight, hearing ability, alertness, stamina and ability to work hard under the extreme conditions. In addition one should be calm, responsible, cooperative and technically sound.


Examination for Student pilot license is conducted by flying clubs in every state. One must pass it. For appearing in this exam one must pass the class 10 and should appear for oral test once a month. He must be physically fit to pass the medical test. After completing SPL, candidate can go for the flying training with the instructor. Further he goes for the commercial pilot licence for which he must complete the 250 hours of flying and must clear the class 12 with physics and mathematics as compulsory subjects. For flying helicopter one must have the commercial helicopter pilots license.

Merits and Demerits

This profession demands a lot of time and you have to spend lot of time away from your family. One must be ready to fly the object when they call for. The license must be renewed and one must pass the medical test every six months which requires a healthy body and an active mind. Earning is very high as only sky is the limit. When not flying you must be on-call duty and will have to report as ans when required.