Company Secretary Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

The company secretary is a managerial position in both sectors public and private. The main and essential role of the company secretary is to maintain the administration in such a way that all the employee work co-ordinately and efficiently. Also, he has to implement the decisions taken in the directorial meetings. The company secretary is the one who takes care of the rules and regulations and makes sure the administration is not bothered.

Job Opportunities

A company secretary is qualified enough to take the responsibility of finance, accounts, administration, personnel and legal. Qualified and experienced candidate can ask for the remuneration more than the senior manager. Salary package mostly depends on the ones in depth capacity to handle the company’s ongoing work which requires the much-needed experience. Junior secretary can get 10000 rupees per month. Deputy Secretary earns up to 40000 rupees, while company secretary gets 60000 rupees per month. Finance controller can get 80000 rupees or more per month as salary.


One needs to have a good command on communication skills basically in English. One has to develop business communication skills too. To analyze the business needs and to maintain the efficiency in administration one must have a sharp, analytical mind. One has to develop the integrity, managerial skills and attitude to be into this profession.


One has to pass the 10+2 level to get the admission into the course. Graduation must be completed and Master’s degree might be an advantage in some cases. One must pass the intermediate or foundation course of the secretarial level. After completing the course one can take up the job of in this profession.

Merits and Demerits

This profession has incredible growth potential. Candidates get the opportunities along with the much-needed remuneration. However one has to work under the high pressure as he is the sole responsible person for maintaining the administration efficiently.



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