Corporate Communication Career Guidance

Leading corporate houses always want good communicators to convey their business messages to media thus minimizing the risk of miscommunication. All the MNCs use their corporate communicator sometimes call company spokesperson for cluttering the information and to convey the messages to their internal or external people be them shareholders, the general public, media, government.

Job Opportunities

The task of controlling the communication processes in the company lies with the corporate communicators. These responsibilities include strategies, planning, organizing events and press conference. He is the person who communicates with the media, prepares speeches, helps the HR for the smooth running of the process, briefs the press, addresses the employees and does planning for upcoming actions. Bringing out the newsletter, circulating the updates inside the administration and update the website are additional duties of corporate communicators. One can get enormous opportunities to work with giant corporations. This knowledge can help him step into the journalism profession or start his own independent business.


Wit, wisdom, presence of mind, calmness, good communication skills, good listening habit, common sense, understanding of human nature, observation power, positivity, macro thinking, and holistic approach are the important attributes to foray into the world of corporate communication.


In this profession, quality overtakes the qualification. Besides graduation, one should join the courses in mass communication with a reputed institution. One must start the internship in public relation with a corporation, media or advertising firm. Besides, experience in writing will help too.

Merits and Demerits

This is the most sought after job today among the young blood because of its reputation and limelight. One can also make the big contacts while working with government officials. Opportunity to learn new technologies is the most important advantage. However, 24 hours work schedule and lack of time to spend with family make one stressed and alone.



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