Creative Writing Career Guidance: Job Opportunities, Eligibility

If you are fond of writing and good at juggling the words easily then creative writing is the profession you should pursue. Though writing is the long and hard working process creative minds are opting for a career in this because of its demand in today’s world. A creative writer should be able to express his thoughts and emotions in any format of the writing be it story, poetry or article. Freelancing is the best option for beginners as they can find a lot of opportunities there. One can go for the storytelling, article writing, essay writing or novel.

Job Opportunities

Professional writers are involved in writing fiction, non-fiction, and long essays. One can also write poetry, lyrics, script, interviews, letter, articles, academic resumes, reviews of journal and magazines. Creative writers can write contents for websites. As said freelancing is the best option for the beginners and can write contents as their clients demand. One can seek a job in business firms which are into content writing and publishing. One can start with 10000 rupees per month depending upon the organizations they work for. Later they can ask for more depending upon their skills. Freelancing is the best option for earning more.


Passion for writing is the only attribute required in this field. One must communicate with words so easily that his expressions emerge when reciting his contents. Writing is an activity which comes out as natural not artificially. One must be able to attach his feeling with the words he is using. Creative writers read a lot too to get the idea in different topics. He has to have his ears open all the time to listen to idioms, expressions around him.

Merits and Demerits

Those writers can survive who upgrade their writing skills regularly. Though it is a challenging and tough field the one who is passionate about the writing can live without worrying about the others. The exposure in this field depends upon the quality of your work only. You can miss the office environment sometimes because you work alone in this field. But once you establish yourself as a professional writer then there is no looking back.


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