Dental Science Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses & Salary

Dentistry is concerned with all the problems related to mouth, teeth, gums and oral cavity. With the increasing awareness about oral health, more fields like periodontics, oral pathology, and orthodontics are introduced which increases the scope of this field.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are available in dental hospitals, nursing homes, and government health departments. One can also go for teaching in dental colleges. You can also find the employment in research and development department at pharmaceutical industries. FMCG companies making oral care products, toothpaste, and mouth wash are open for the dentists. One can start his own dental clinic and start a private practice. At government hospitals, you can earn up to 50000 rupees per month.


A good dentist must possess the best practical knowledge in his field. He is able to coordinate with other workers patiently. Additional attributes include good communication and interpersonal skills, concentration, alertness, quick decision making power and confidence.


To get the dentistry course you must pass 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and biology, then you will eligible to get into the BDS (Bachelor of Dental Science) course. After completing 12 you have to appear for the All India pre-dental examination conducted by CBSE. Only BDS is not enough to get succeed in dentistry, you should pursue Master’s in Dental Science (MDS).


Merits and Demerits

The advantages are: you are able to help people smile and earn good money as well. You are the boss of your own. And if the demand of this profession grows, you will have good job prospects too. The disadvantages are to deal with different people with peace of mind is a very difficult task. And also work for long hours may get you tired.