Economists as a Career: Salary and Education Information

Economist researches human aspects depending upon what you earn and how you live. And for economists, job opportunities are unlimited. Economist’s work areas include academic, research, training and consulting. Earning depends purely on one’s experience and the position they occupy.

Job Opportunities

Banking and finance, academic posts, government departments, research areas, giant corporations provide ample of opportunities for economists. In banking and finance, one can be a broker, financial analyst, economic forecaster, investment broker, etc. In the government department, one can be a foreign investment broker, trade analyst, public administrator and financial planner. Jobs like professor and head of the departments are offered at the university level. There are tremendous scopes for one to be a professor in universities abroad. These universities offer good remuneration to highly qualified economists. In a big corporation, one can be a research analyst, management analyst and strategic planner.


Logical analysis, in-depth research skill, patience, thorough knowledge, alertness, sound knowledge of world economy, interpretation skill and good communication skills are the foremost requirements.


To be an economist one needs a master or doctoral degree. You must have the under graduation degree with subjects like history, political science, law or economy. Some training in computer science and statistics is necessary. One must pursue M.A. in the economy and the Ph.D. in the economy to get the relevant knowledge necessary to be a professor in universities.

Merits and Demerits

One has a pleasant work environment at the office. Economists need to travel sometimes when the professional meeting is being held in other cities. Economists have to work long even after office hours. This field requires great patience of mind and calmness. One has to read and write a lot when in the field of academic.


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