Career Information for a Degree in Environmental Studies

Environmental science emerged as finding a solution against issues of pollution, depletion of natural resources and deterioration of human livings.

Job Opportunities

One can be an environmental engineer, environmental scientist, a professional in the field of water resource management, water recycling and management, air pollution management, solid waste management, land conservation, eco-tourism, and environmental journalism. Government organizations, private firms, NGOs require advice from the environmental professional before taking big steps. Corporate Social responsibility is being taken up by almost all the companies, the job opportunities for environmental professional are huge. Salary of an environmentalist varies depending upon the education, place of employment, experiences, and designation.


This profession is multidisciplinary and holistic in nature. This profession not only requires proper education but also some traits like confidence, enthusiasm, ability to work tirelessly, analytical ability, approaching ability, negotiation ability, good communication skills, and patience.


If one for looking for this degree then he must have B.Sc. in physics, chemistry, mathematics, science or environmental science. One can go for the M.Sc. degree in environmental science, environmental planning, and management, freshwater science, wetland ecosystem or natural resource management.

Merits and Demerits

Environmental science is a very diverse field; one has to have knowledge of other science too including that of chemistry, biology, and physics. A career in this field is stable and rewarding. One has to keep updating oneself with the current global environmental scenario. One must be able to analyze the impact of the environmental issue on the global economy.