Event Manager Career in India: Education, College, Jobs & Salary

Organizing well planned, easy going and memorable event requires the services of an event professional. An event manager takes up multiple responsibilities. He must be able to coordinate the event on time. Every event whether it is a party, movie premier, birthday celebration, marriage or reception, award ceremony, seek the help of an event manager to make it an orchestrated one and remarkable.

Job Opportunities

Event manager, first of all, introduces the client about the event management. Once the client understands it, the event manager goes ahead with the plan in detail. They put forward the event agency’s ideas on a concept, themes, management, and costs. Event manager further draws up the strategy based on the target audience once the client approves it. Activities like event planning, organizing, managing, on-site supervision, decorating, briefing the clients about the ongoing activities, traveling and financial management are laid down on the team members. Then comes the activities like logistics management, supply chain management, artistic activities and a back-up plan in case of mishandling. Event management is attracting more and more young people as this is going to shoot up in the future. An event manager can seek employment is public relation firms, wedding management companies, medial organizing, and marketing companies. Salary for the fresher could be between 10000 to 40000 rupees per month.


An event manager must have some inherent attributes to devoid any mismanagement activities that hinder the event to be a successful one. Alertness, active mindset, adaptability, excellent communication, and interpersonal skills, approaching skills, jolly nature, peace of mind and a mastermind to take quick decision in case of mishandling are the other important attributes.


Courses vary from event accounting, event marketing, event sponsorship to event logistics. While practical training gives a candidate a much-needed experience. Those who have qualification in event marketing, public relation, and advertising can enter in this field.

Merits and Demerits

The advantages are that it is exciting, glamorous and challenging. The disadvantages are that you have to work tirelessly when the event is happening. Responsibilities are many from approaching a client to managing the back staff work co-ordinately according to the plan.


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