Career in Film Making: Course, College, Jobs & Salary

Activities of making feature films, promotional films, commercial ads, documentaries, and music videos are included in Film making. There is a lot of scope in this field in India despite of being a highly competitive field. The film making includes several areas: production and directing, acting, editing and animation, light and sound. Talent is essential rather than a qualification in this field.

Job Opportunities

A newcomer in this field can start as assistance to a director or producer. One can seek employment in film studios, advertising agencies and government departments. One can start his own boss by being a director, producer, editor, cameraman etc. Corporations in sectors like gaming and advertising also hire professionals. They can work in the area of making training or informational videos, web video and gaming videos and commercial ads. One can also teach at the film and editing institutions. One can be a film critic or film distributor too. Remuneration depends on the earning of the movie. The filmmaker gets one portion of the movie earning rather than a fixed salary.


One must possess the creativity, good visual and communication skills to become the filmmaker. One must have the ability to lead and work cooperatively with fellow workers. A filmmaker must have a sense of public psychology to make the film successful.


Graduation or post graduation degree in film production and direction is a must for all the aspiring candidates. Every institute takes its own exam to check the aptitude of the candidates. Some of the institutes in this field are Amity school of journalism and communication, Asian Academy of film and television, film and television institute, Satyajit ray institute of film and television.

Merits and Demerits

Due to the increased interest of people in film and entertainment, the banning of DVDs will only increase the opportunities in this field. The best filmmakers are those who make movies within the required time frame with an economical budget and constantly making a profit. The disadvantage is to survive with your talent initially with a positive attitude.



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