Flight Attendants: Career, Salary and Education Information

Because of the challenging career, experiencing flying and attractive salary, many youngsters aspire to be the flight attendant today. With privatizations is increasing, the future of this field is bright.

Job Opportunities

Flight attendants can find job opportunities in domestic and foreign airlines. Government airlines are open for them too. A flight attendant may become the senior attendant and then head attendant. The career lasts for about ten years for the attendant then one could join the force from the ground. Ground job opportunities include ground attendant, check attendant, training or instructor officer or may work with management. Salary starts from 15000 to 30000 rupees per month. The senior attendant can get a salary of 70000 rupees or more per month. Private airlines can pay you more and there is more remuneration in foreign airlines.


Wit and wisdom, clear state of mind, ability to respond quickly in time of emergency, presence of mind, jolly nature, politeness, stamina, ability to work hard, pleasant voice are some of the desired attributes.


One must pass the 10+2 to get into the course of a flight attendant. A diploma or degree in tourism management is preferred. Candidate must be Indian and below the age of 25 with a minimum height of 157 cm for a woman and 163 cm for a man. One must have normal eyes with 6/6 uncorrected vision. Knowledge of English and Hindi is compulsory. If one knows a foreign language then that would be an added advantage. After that written exam is conducted this is followed by group discussion and interview for the shortlisted candidates. Successful candidates are inducted into a training program and then they could join the trainee flights.

Merits and Demerits

The advantage of being a flight attendant is you get the opportunity to travel the world. One can travel to the world with no expense. Life is entertaining, fast-paced and glamorous. One can also meet and work with new people every day. The working hours are not regular, one must be physically fit.