Food Technologist Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

Food technology is the science applied in the manufacturing of good, healthy and nutritious foods. As India is the largest producer and consumer of the foods, the growth opportunities in food processing and food reservations are very high. Food technologist studies the biological, chemical and physical elements of the food. Food is made, stored, dehydrated, packed and preserves as per the specifications and requirements of the government and industries respectively. Training is the necessity of the hour to get the knowledge in quality, analysis of food material, packing standard and preservation policy.

Job Opportunities

Food technology has a wide and different scope in the private and government sectors. One can find the employment in manufacturing industries, food processing industries, packing industries, research laboratories, hospitality industries, hotels and distilleries. Those with higher degrees can work as a lecturer in colleges and universities. Food processing industries require a lot of manpower of food technology in areas like manufacturing, processing, packing and storing. One can work as a product manager, quality controller to monitor the aroma, quality, taste and hygiene. The beginner can get a monthly salary of around 15000 rupees per month. A highly qualified and experienced person can get up to 50000 rupees per month.


A food technologist must have a keen power of observation and interest in health and nutrition. Other attributes include responsibility, work well confidently, good communication skill, ability to work in a team. One must possess a high standard of cleanliness, enthusiasm, commitment and motivation.


The general and basic criteria to enrol into the undergraduate programme are 10+2 and good aggregate marks in biology and chemistry. One must pursue a master degree in food technology. Master courses cover food science, food technology, microbiology, food preservation and packing, marketing and advertisement. PhD can be followed further in programmes like food technology, biotechnology and food preservation.

Merits and Demerits

This industry has tremendous growth opportunities in future as everybody is getting concerned about food quality and health. The main disadvantage is in India the food industry is an unorganized sector and to find a suitable, permanent job in this sector is very difficult.


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