Career as a Forensic Scientist: Courses, Jobs, Salary

Forensic science applies different sciences to help solve complex, criminal and nasty civil cases. Forensic scientist acts as scientists help in the police investigation to catch the culprits. Additional they are responsible too to get the justice to the criminals by providing expert opinions and the much-needed evidence to the judicial system.

Job Opportunities

The forensic scientist works hand in hand with police officers and law investigating officers to help them catch the true culprits. They are employed by the government and usually work at forensic labs, crime scenes, police stations and investigating offices. With increasing in experience and reputation, one can venture out to be a private investigator. They are the only one who can write their own reports based on their findings and have to prove them in court. Forensic scientists also have to maintain their findings and the integrity of the case. Salary is at per government structure and pay scale depending upon one’s designation.


Impartiality, ethnic, honest, good communication skill, and true observation power are the most required attributes. One also must be strong enough in messy and nasty crime scenes and careful enough to keep sensitive information. He must have the knowledge of the legal processes and also have to be expressive to present his case in front of a judicial officer with confidence.


Work in this field varies depending upon one’s interest. Most people pursue it after completing a bachelor degree in science, medicine, dental science or engineering. The different officers can be classified as a Crime scene investigator, forensic pathologist, forensic psychologist, forensic dentist, forensic anthropologist, toxicologist, and crime scene photographer.

Merits and Demerits

Job in this field is exciting, challenging and ever expanding. Forensic science is a much respected field today. The demerits include nasty crime scenes, late night working, uncertain work hours, restriction in the growth, and limited scope of increase in salary.


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