How do You Become a Game Designer?

The gaming industry has taken control of children and adult today. The trend is also increasing in India and it is really a remarkable journey to date. Those who are looking for job opportunities in this field must be pretty sure to have a bright future ahead. Gaming industry holds exciting and interesting technology with it. Game designing is really a career of today’s generation and promises to attract more and more game addicts.

Job Opportunities

Game designing is not just an idea and to implement it. It is about inventing and creating the apps for entertainment, training, and education for local as well as global market. Job involves working with many experts to create games for mobile, computer and other devices. One has to do different role according to circumstances around. You have to look after the content and creation, also need to take care of managing the game pre and post-production. The pay scale is fully dependant on the growth of industry and expertise of one’s skill.  As a fresher, you can get the salary up to 15000 rupees per month which can go up to more than 70000 to 80000 rupees per month.


One must have a passion and love for gaming. One must possess the creativity, technical as well as sound knowledge of mathematics, physics, sports and other entertaining subjects. Additional attributes include communication skills, coordination in work, storytelling skill, perfection, problem-solving skill and patience.


First of all, one must have knowledge of animation and game designing. To grow the job prospects, one must have sound knowledge about the subject. Certificate courses in gaming are offered by some well-known institutions like the National Institute of designing, Asian Academy of film and television etc.

Merits and Demerits

This multibillion-dollar field of gaming is very lucrative and promises excellent job opportunities with handsome remuneration. It is considered to be one of the hottest job careers even in India. It is very challenging to develop a game. It requires a lot of patience and one need to be intelligent enough to solve the problems and keeps it error free. The market is very competitive and to remain in the market with your abilities are the toughest job.