Career Planning: How to Become a Hair Stylist

Today men and women love the trendy hairstyle. They are aware of the latest hairstyles and don’t want to look casual. This has resulted in creating a lot of job opportunities for the hair expert and this will continue to boom in near future.

Job Opportunities

Most hair stylists start working as a trainee at saloons. Initially, they have to do odd jobs like sweeping, moping, making tea and administer the customers. Hair stylists day begin with early arriving at the saloon, cleaning the saloon, checking the messages, lightening up some music, washing the towels and other clothes, sanitizing the combs and scissors etc. Remuneration of one depends upon the size and reputation of the saloon one works for. Starting salary could be around 10000 rupees per month. Other professions in which one can work are consulting firms, going to make up industry, fashion shows and movie sets. Starting your own business can be a fruitful too. You can charge the money you want once you become professional and well known.


Aspirants must have a passion for hair, scissors and combs. One must have a nice personality, confidence on experiments, patience, easy communication skill, creativity, personal interest in people. Additionally one must be hygienic, clean and also have an ability to stand long working hours.


This profession requires lot of hard work. Training is the foremost requirement here. Training from the good saloon or hair styling institute will help you achieve expertise level. Most of the styling institute prefer students who know basic of hair science, cutting and combing. Hairstylist selects the hairstyle based on one’s personality and facial structure.

Merits and Demerits

This the profession where your work speaks itself thus hair stylist must work on making people’s hair look beautiful. The plus side includes good earning, nice tips, making good contact base and living a glamorous life once you are famous. However the negative side includes working long hours, hectic schedule and working with chemicals which can cause you harm.



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