Health Management Career Scope & Institutes in India.

Health care is one of the fastest growing fields today. Where and to whom the care is to be delivered is the challenge today. Health management is in need of people who can manage the advances taking place in the healthcare field. Health care executives have tremendous and open chance to serve the community with the best technology and services.

Job Opportunities

Health care executives are needed in clinics, consulting firms, health insurance organizations, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc. After training one can work as a hospital administrator, health information officer and medical office manager. An entry level executive can even earn a handsome amount between 30000 to 35000 rupees a month. Deputy medical superintendent can get up to 40000 rupees a month and a superintendent earns upto 1 lakh rupees per month.


One has to have a strong moral to serve the community with integrity and honesty. A positive, compassionate and cooperative nature is required in this profession. Organizing, planning and good communication skills are needed to be with people and help them live a better lifestyle.


A master’s degree in health management or health administration is the need of the hour. To pursue a master’s one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in arts, science, commerce, engineering, medicine, dentistry or pharmacy.

Merits and Demerits

This field is rewarding and offers excellent career mobility. It also provides career opportunities and a stable job. The main disadvantage is one has to be physically fit and look refreshing all the time when on duty.


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