Careers in Homeopathy: Job Duties, Requirements, & Salary Info

Homoeopaths treat patients by one’s own body power with natural medicines. Homoeopaths see body, mind and emotions as one integral part of the body, not the separate ones. Thus homoeopath treats patients with the medicine that cures physiological and psychological symptoms simultaneously.

Job Opportunities

Candidate can find jobs in homoeopathic hospitals, colleges, government’s AYUSH department and non-governmental organizations. One can do private practice. One can find job opportunities in research institutions in both government and private sectors. Candidates can work as medical officers, managers and administrators. Initial remuneration is not fixed in the private sector, though they can start their career with 10000 rupees per month. There is no limitation in earning once the doctor becomes well known.


Homoeopathy doctors must have a strong commitment and belief in homoeopathy science. The doctor needs to be knowledgeable in diseases and homoeopathy remedies. One has to be very responsive to patient’s personal issues. The doctor must be a good listener, calm, simple and inspiring.


To get into BHMS, one must have passed 10+2 with biology and chemistry with good percentages. Homoeopathy science offer two types of course, one is a Diploma in homoeopathy medicine and surgery and a bachelor in homoeopathy medicine and surgery.

Merits and Demerits

Homoeopaths approach their patients with the holistic and macro way which takes a lot of time to think about the remedies. Healing will take much longer time in case of critical diseases thus it is possible patient may lose confidence in homoeopathy. It is a safe and gentle way to treat the patients.


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