Hotel Management Careers: Courses, Jobs, Salary & More

Tourism and corporate activities have been going up and this pushes the growth of hotel business. And that is why hotel management employees have a lot to look into. Employees in this field work coordinately to satisfy the customers with their services and offerings.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are huge in this profession in India and abroad. Their work includes welcoming the tourist, administering the staff, preparing food for the guests and serve the best quality services to make them happy optimally. The hotel management staff has the opportunity to leave a mark on the guests with their distinct style and services. Hotel managers are the ones who are responsible for the administrative task at the large hotel chains. They can also indulge in different tasks in small hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cruise liners, and railway catering service.


Hotel management is supposed to keep the customers closed enough so that they would visit their place again and again. So the required attributes are good looking personality and decent communication skills, pleasant attitude and jolly nature. Other attributes include quick decision-making power, calmness in case of emergency and the ability to solve the problems.


After completing 10+2 one can go for the diploma or bachelor in hotel management. Most institutes take their own exam to test the skills of the candidates. There are three stages of the exam: written test, group discussion, and personal interview. In the final year of the course, one should specialize in the front office, food, and beverages, housekeeping or food production. There are other departments in hotels too like operations, marketing, IT and finance which offer the jobs to specialists.

Merits and Demerits

One should be ready to take his duty any time irrespective of day and night. One may be ready to impart his responsibility in any kind of emergency happening in the hotel. Long working hours is the other drawback of this profession. But there is huge scope for those who are passionate about the hotel profession and ready to serve long hours.


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