How to Become an Image Consultant: Education and Career Roadmap

Image consultants are those professionals who transform simple male or female into stylish ones with very different and attractive look. They help the people to look different yet stylish with better facial look, dressing sense and communication. This profession is new in India.

Job Opportunities

Image consultants guide, advice and help people to look good so that they can live their lives happily ever after. These professionals have a large category of customers ranging from individuals to corporate clients. Image consultants interact with people through one to one conversation, audio-video presentation and seminars. They mainly have the holistic approach for their clients but they are open for personal counselling too. Specialized consultancy includes dressing, look, verbal communication, non-verbal communication etc. Clients may vary who want an image makeover that includes job seeker, housewives, corporate employees, chief executives and public figures. Salary depends on the consultancy firm in which one is employed. Fresher can get 10000 rupees per month. After gaining enough experience and clients contacts, one can easily get a high package.


Some of the qualities that are needed in this profession are inborn. One has to look smart and presentable. One has to possess great personality and communication skills to impress the clients. Other attributes are calmness towards people, self-confidence, organizational skills, professionalism, problem-solving approach and sense of clothing.


Image consultant are not the professional who is known for his qualification but who is recognized by his celebrity clients. Both Indian and foreign institutions have offered the courses. These programmes teach the candidates to change their personality first, the way you talk and eat and live and sit. Those with the background in Hospitality, PR, fashion, corporation, modelling and airlines have great chances to get the early success.

Merits and Demerits

This profession is one of the fastest growing service businesses internationally. Image consultancy never gets old and let people bored because it is all about working and talking with people. You enjoy every minute in this profession. It is lively and you get a chance to make people lively. Simultaneously it is very demanding mentally as you have to work with people with different temperaments. They bother you by not following your orders and still want results thus it is your duty to fulfil their demand by showing the results.