Indian Administrative Services: Exam, Eligibility, Age & Other Criteria.

Indian Administrative Services are highly empowered by civil services in India. It is the successor of the Indian Civil Services of British India. Home ministry at the centre supervises the recruitment of the key positions of the civil servants at centre and states. Indian Administrative servants are recruited through a national competitive examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

Job Opportunities

Members of the IAS hold the key portfolios like district collector, head of the departments and public sector enterprises at centre and states. After promotion, they can be positioned as a personal secretary to the ministers at the centre. Cabinet secretary at the centre is the highest designation an IAS officer could ever get. The salary is very high compared to other government officials. They also get the allowances and perks with the utmost facilities.


General knowledge and alertness of mind always help you crack the prelims. One has to have expertise in current national and international affairs which helps you crack the mains and personal interview. Civil servants should have flexibility, calmness, determination, patience, professionalism, leadership skills and crisis management skills. Physical fitness is very important to stay focused on work.


Candidate must have possessed a bachelor degree from any recognized university under UGC. A candidate must be above 21 years and not more than 33 years old. One will then be able to appear into prelims exam which is objective type of exam consisting of two papers namely general knowledge and aptitude respectively. After passing the prelims one has to appear for mains exam which is totally written exam consisting of 7 papers. A personal interview is a final hurdle. After that, based on the merit, one should get the appointment in Administrative services.

Merits and Demerits

It is a very attractive and challenging career. Glamour, charm, power and respect come with it. The bureaucrat helps in maintaining the harmony in the administration at the centre or state level. At the same time, it is very stressful position to be with and keep yourself away from corruption is a challenge.