Interior Designing Career Options: Job Opportunities, Courses & Salary.

Interior designers are the experts with knowledge and skills of engineering, science and art to design empty rooms and put balance, utility, energy, colours and feelings into them. They work with contractors, architects and clients to transform the house into home. They also design corporate buildings and merchant houses.

Job Opportunities

An interior designer takes client’s briefs, ideas and researches, analyzing them, interacting again with client and contractors and finally with the help of the modern technology, he draws the design on computer. In the end interior designer organize each and every aspect starting with color and design of flooring, wall decorating, window showcasing, light sighting etc. One can work independently or can work with well known interior designer or with designing houses. They have large clients base today ranging from hospitals, shipping companies, fashion and film sets, modelling houses, sports complexes to art galleries. Compensation package vary from expert to expert and also on the designing firms for which they are working. Fresher can start working with monthly salary of 10000 rupees a month which will go to 70000 rupees if one gets high expertise and knowledge.


Artistic ability, aesthetic sense, creativity, knowledge of current modern scenario, in-depth seeing skill, good visualisation skills and communication skills are the required attributes of this profession. Other attributes include good interpersonal skills, observation power, organising skill, supervising skills. One must be able to understand the attitudes of people, their habits and budget.


Having a qualification in graduation, post graduation, degree or diploma is essential and so does the training or internship post education. It is during the internship one can learn the true artistic aspects of interior designing.

Merits and Demerits

This profession is very colourful in which one gets immense satisfaction. One can infuse colourful events into empty spaces and help your client make a beautiful home. One will have opportunities to meet famous celebrities. One downside in this profession is one has to listen to the client first and implement their ideas.