Become an Investigative Journalist: Education and Career Roadmap

Investigating journalist is determined, brave enough to chase the target, bold, concentrated, honest and extremely alert to crack the mystery he tends to resolve. They find the facts on corruption and work for the good of the public in general. They tend to live behind the scenes, live less glamorous lives and always indulging into researches. However, their findings are powerful enough to bring down any individual whether he is from a political party or corporate world.

Job Opportunities

Investigating journalists research, modify and scrutinize the report and communicate it via television, newspaper, radio or internet. These journalists mostly spend their time in researching, findings, gathering information, meeting people and watching the important events taking place. After gathering all the information they try to make a report that is accurate, to the point, comprehensive and concise. While making the report they make sure that the source of the information is legitimate and authentic. One can get the salary of 15000 rupees a month initially which can go upto 100000 rupees a month.


To be in this profession on must have the in-built approach to lead the news. One must have an attitude, unbiased mind, concentration and ability to research very long hours without manipulating the original and authentic information sources. Other important attributes include true observation power, risk-taking ability, patience, commitment and ability to work independently.


One must have a degree in mass communication and journalism from a recognized university or college. Then one must take an internship at reputed news agency or broadcasting agency. Initially one can work with the team to make a report on the findings of a topic given to you. One can work independently and work for the corporation to investigate the subject assigned to them.

Merits and Demerits

One main disadvantage of this profession is life-threatening attacks when they dig out some important stories. Another demerit is it takes much time to get to the bottom of the subject. The positive side is you can make a good difference in ordinary people’s lives. Job satisfaction is always high.