Jewellery Design Career Scope, Eligibility & Job Prospects

Today jewellery is a fashion statement and jewellery designers are making their presence felt by designing the jewellery as per people’s status and demand. Jewellery designers can design and manufacture different types of jewellery with the help of craftsmen. This jewellery includes necklaces, rings, exotic watches etc. Jewellery designers work independently and are entrepreneurs, they also work for the big designing houses and wealthy clients.

Job Opportunities

Jewellery designing is a skilled and creative profession. Their routine work includes meeting new clients, building a relationship with customers, briefing them with the new designs, getting to know what their clients are looking for and finally putting those ideas onto paper and making the design with the help of the computer. Besides one can open own boutique or branch to venture into jewellery designing and manufacturing. They can find employment at jewellery stores, export firms, designing houses and fashion institutes. A trainee can earn around 10000 rupees a month. Salary goes up with experience in the field.


One should have a passion for jewellery, creativity to design new ornaments, expert eye for colour, knowledge of the stones, and latest trends all around the world. One must have knowledge about the manufacturing process, honesty and good communication skills.


Some background qualification is required otherwise to be in this field one does not require to have the good qualification. One must have passed 10+2 to get the admission into some of the designing courses like diploma or post graduate diploma in jewellery designing and manufacturing. Students are taught different stones and precious metal, their properties, themes, colours of the jewellery, framing, presentation and marketing strategies.

Merits and Demerits

One can work for wealthy people and celebrities. They can make the best contacts in the field. One can make people look beautiful. One can be a part of the glamorous industry of jewellery and work for the branded designing houses. Noticeable negatives are duplication and theft of the designing by competitors, low quality of stones being used by the manufacturers and initial failure as an entrepreneur.