Career Opportunities as a Librarian: Jobs, Salary & Education Information.

A librarian is that person who manages to keep thousands of books, maintains them as jewels, gets you the book from the stacks of thousands and scolds you if you return damaged book. Librarian’s work today doesn’t revolve around printed material but he has to maintain the non-printed products like CDs, databases and virtual libraries.

Job Opportunities

Librarians not only work for the school, colleges or government organizations but also for private sectors, business corporations, media centers, hospitals, and law firms. They make sure that the users’ needs are met satisfactorily. Librarians keep themselves busy with reviewing the latest books, updating the publishers about the latest trends. They buy selective books, classify and arrange them properly on the stacks so that they can be fetched easily. They also suggest users some books to get the right information source. Salary of a librarian varies from institution to institution. Government’s pay scale is higher than that of universities and colleges.


These professionals are informational professors. One has to be technology savvy. One must be aware of the information sources, media and publications too. Interpersonal skills, organizing skills, reading habit, approachable nature, good communications skills, and problem-solving skills are the other important attributes.


To have a good job one should have the required qualification. A master’s degree in Library science could be an advantage. One can also pursue a Ph.D. in the same field.

Merits and Demerits

This is an evergreen and interesting field. Climbing on a ladder, searching the missing books, arranging the new ones, keeping calm and maintaining peace in the library might give you stress. But those who loves books and loves to share the information, this the best place to work in. 



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