Career Guidance in Media Science

Media science deals with the content and history of traditional media like radio, television and newer media like the internet and electronic games. As a science, it tries to find out the impact on people’s lives due to media influence. It seeks to develop the understanding of the ways media influences the social, political and economic lives of the people. This is the brightest career today and if you have the passion of media, you should definitely go for it.

Job Opportunities

Media science degree holder has many opportunities to choose from. He can work with newspaper, magazines, radio, television and internet as journalist, TV manager, production manager and scriptwriter. One can work as feature editor and sub-editor and content writers in book publishing firms. You could be news reporter, news anchor or producer at Television and video production. New and emerging jobs are that of a Radio jockey and video jockey at entertaining channels. Advertising and event management are the emerging fields, one can seek employment opportunities in these areas too. IT companies also need content writers and editors; one should also explore this opportunity.


Good communication skill is a must to get success in media science. Besides, relationship management and leadership skill will be beneficial. Additionally one must have qualities like creative thinking, hard work, and dedication.


All the arts universities offer the course in Media science. With 10+2, one can apply for a bachelor degree in media. Master’s degree can be pursued after the successful completion of the bachelor’s.

Merits and Demerits

The main advantage of media science is that this field can stand against all odds. Even in the time of economic slowdown, this profession survived and came out positively. One must have a sharp edge over his knowledge because of the competitive nature of this profession.


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