Career Guidance as a Medicine:

Demand for highly skilled professionals in medicine sector is very high and will be increasing day by day. Lifestyle in India is changing and so do the lifestyle diseases. Doctors can choose to be a general practitioner or can be specialized one like oncologist, paediatrics, ophthalmologist etc. One can be pathologist carry out the various tests on body samples to diagnose the illness.

Job Opportunities

Both private and government hospitals employ doctors on various positions. Government run clinics all over India are open to recruiting the doctors. Academic career has also a bright future. Doctors can work in health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical manufacturing firms. By taking medical courses a newly qualified doctor can be ahead of the department in a hospital or clinic. Starting salary is around 20000 rupees a month which can go up to 60000 to 70000 rupees a month.


You must have an ability to work hard, remain calm, ability to take quick and share decisions. You must have grater love towards people and ready to work odd hours. You must remain up to date with the current medical science and developments.


An MBBS is a basic degree to be a doctor. It is a five-year course with one-year internship. After completing MBBS, doctors go for the post graduation in MD or MS which is a 3-year course. Specialities available are dermatology, general surgery, internal surgery, gynaecology, anesthesiology, pathology, paediatrics, neurology and radiology.

Merits and Demerits

It is a very demanding and promising career option. Job satisfaction is very high when you know that you are the one who helps others live normal lives. There is a lot of mental and physical stress associated with this profession. Medicine is a very rewarding and challenging career option today.