Mining Engineering Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

Mining engineering deals with the processing and extraction. It includes the processing of natural resources like coal and gas.

Job Opportunities

Technically skilled professionals can seek employment in mines, mining finance institutions and research organizations. Non technical personnel can also look for the job opportunities in these firms to provide medical, financial and legal services. Mining engineers are very sought after professionals in oil and gas extraction industries. They can also have job opportunities in mine production and management, corporate management, consultation, merchant banking and government departments. Mining engineers can earn relatively high as compared to other engineers. They can start with 15000 to 20000 rupees a month which can grow with experience. IIT freshers can get even much higher remuneration.
Candidates should work cooperatively, be able to enjoy technical works, be able to solve problems. One should possess good communication skills and must follow the safety concern.

10+2 is the basic education requirements with 50% aggregate marks to get admission in mining engineering. IITs and NITs take their own entrance examinations. One can also pursue a Master degree after successfully completing the bachelor degree.

Merits and Demerits
Working on mining sites in extreme weather is one big disadvantage. One must be ready to spend most of the time on site working away from home. Many engineers work for the large transnational corporations which involve working abroad and frequent traveling.


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