Music School & Career: How to Become a Musician.

Music is a universal language which can speak and express feelings. There is hardly anyone in this world who doesn’t like listening to music. Singing is a popular career option even in India and is growing its popularity day by day. Singing, playing and dancing are the components of the music. Broad categories for the career options are singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, writing songs for movies or music albums, radio or video jockeys, recording jobs, etc.

Job Opportunities

Talented candidate can find job opportunities at television channels, music channels, drama, and movies. One can also go for the production house, music companies, government department of music and cultural relation, educational and research institutions. One can open private music teaching classes or music school.


Those who want to have a career in music should have a genuine love for music and instruments. You should be bold enough to face the initial struggle as an artist. One should also have enough knowledge of the field. Self-confidence and perseverance are the additional required attributes.


One can go for the courses like certificate, diploma, graduate and postgraduate. The basic requirement is 10+2. One should train self at by training institutes like kalakshetra in Chennai and Bharatiya kala Kendra in Delhi.

Merits and Demerits

The main advantage is job satisfaction is very high in this profession. Still, it is not the main career option for the masses but is getting into the mainstream slowly but gradually. Initially, you might get trouble looking for the opportunity but once you are famous there is no looking back.