Newscaster: Jobs, Skills & More

A face that you see every morning and evening on TV channel, is none other than a Newscaster. When you sit on your comfortable chair and enjoying evening tea, newscaster sits behind the studio and tells you what has happened around the world today. Mostly newscasters work behind the scenes and other work as field reporters. After making sure that the person has enough experience and skills, he is upgraded to news anchor.

Job Opportunities

Newscasters rehearse many times before they go live on air. Usually, they read the news that prompted on teleprompter unknown to viewers. There were times when their skills, presence of mind and alertness were tested. They are always ready to face any critical situation. News anchors do multiple jobs at a time from reading the news, giving breaking news, reporting the story with team members to go live on the event location and preparing the story. Newscasters work along with editors and come up with good ideas and stories, edit news and write news transcripts.


Interested candidates need to be multi-tasker, have a good personality, good voice, have mental alertness, good communication skills and approachable attitude on a TV camera. Additional attributes include confidence and calmness in a critical situation.


One must be qualified in journalism and mass communication. Specialization in English, sociology, political science, psychology or economics will be an additional advantage. Per-experience in report writing or news video making can be beneficiary as news channel asks for some experience in the field today. News delivery on camera and confidence in self can win the job for you.

Merits and Demerits

There are plenty of advantages here: interacting with people and newsmakers, traveling the world, making an impression on millions of viewers, earning good remuneration and achieving fame. However, irregular work timings, deadlines, pressure are some of the disadvantages of this profession.