Nursing Careers & Jobs in India & Abroad.

Nursing is the noble profession which takes care of sick people with scientific knowledge. Nursing duties are multifold and are changing depending upon the work environment and qualification.

Job Opportunities

Candidates will have many job opportunities after completion of course; they can find employment in hospitals, clinic homes, and health departments, old age homes, armed forces, industrial houses, public sector companies etc. There is incredible demand for nursing personnel abroad. Newly recruited candidate can get 10000 rupees a month.


High-tech medical care, in-depth knowledge of medical equipment, care and empathy is the essential attributes required by the nursing profession. One must be passionate about the human spirit, love for the others, want to make a difference with gentle care, hard-working, and have excellent concentration and alertness.


There are different nursing courses available as far as academic studies are concerned: B.Sc (Nursing), M.Sc (Nursing), General Nursing and midwifery and Ph.D. One can study a specialized course in Paediatrics, Cardiac, and Neonatology.

Merits and Demerits

Nursing is the profession which gives you a promising and stable career. Many nurses like the reward that is given by them the cures patients parents and relatives. Job satisfaction is very high. Remuneration can be very high if you go on the higher position like on administrative and management duties. Being a nurse can be stressful when you work long hours during weekends when your family members are off to work. One must deal with the sick patients and their stressed family members and thus requires the type of personality which is able to cope up with the different situations.



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