Optometrist: Jobs, Career, Salary & Education Information.

The optometrist is a professional who checks the individual’s eyes and prescribes the solution accordingly. Today it is one of the most earning professionalisms in India.

Job Opportunities

Optometrists are doctors who help us have better vision without giving pain. Their job responsibilities include diagnosing vision problems, check the eye condition caused by heavy diabetes and blood pressure. They also prescribe drugs, contact lenses, eyeglasses and care patients during cataract surgery. Most of the optometrists go for the entrepreneurship or take up the famous brand’s franchise. They can also work in hospitals, clinics, take up research or write a good book on maintaining a good vision. The initial salary for an optometrist is 10000 rupees a month. Once well known, private clinic owners can earn more than those of salaried personnel.


Patience, caring nature and self-confidence are the required attributes for the optometrists. Other important attributes include sharp eye vision, personal attitude and eye coordination. Persistent caring efforts, discipline, ethics and dedication are also required to be a successful optometrist.


To start practice, the basic degree is required that is Bachelor in Optometry. Candidates with all the essential qualification will appear for the EYECET examination for getting admission into optometry course. Candidates, who want to pursue research in the subject, can go for the masters and then Ph.D courses too.

Merits and Demerits

Eye care is emerging as a major concern today as today’s generation always sticks to TVs and Laptops and gain headaches or eye strain. The advantages are financial stability, private practice and comfortable working line as compared to another profession. Everything is systematic and proper and you need to work on equipment most of the time. The minuses are this field is competitive and working a long time in this profession is boring.



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