Physiotherapy Career Options: Job Opportunities, Salary & Education Qualification

Physiotherapy is the system of healing and curing health by physical exercises. It is an essential part of today’s community and an important supplement of the medical profession. Physiotherapy is also an integral part of the treatment process for most patients with orthopaedic damage. Physiotherapy is a cheaper and easy way of treating the patients.

Job Opportunities

One can find job opportunities at hospitals, clinic centres, community and primary health centres, rehabilitation centres, sports and fitness centres, colleges and schools. A physiotherapist can also go for the private practice. Starting salary for the beginner can be around 20000 to 300000 rupees per month.


It is a ‘hands-on’ therapy in every sense. Physical fitness is very essential for the professional. Other required attributes are tolerance and passion for the work. One has to have good communication skills too.


One must have passed the required basic education that is 10+2. After completion of the basic education, one can go for the diploma, degree or a professional course. One must have a good knowledge of Chemistry, Biology and English. After a bachelor degree, one can opt for the master degree.

Merits and Demerits

Work for the Physiotherapists must be physically stressful as they have to lift the patient and help them do exercise. Their profession is also socially beneficial and the satisfactory level is high for those who want to do some good for the people.











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