Political Scientists: Career, Salary and Education Information

Political science is interlinked to law, public administration, social science, and public relations. Political science searches and discusses the issues related to politics and governments of the countries. Political scientists study the issues concerning the nation using their multidisciplinary knowledge, their reasoning and analytical ability and communication skills.

Job Opportunities

United Nation Organisation has space only for those candidates with a political science degree, this is one interesting fact. Those with a higher degree and knowledge can find places in India and abroad. From joining politics to becoming a member of a legislature to becoming a minister with an important portfolio, one with a political science degree can be found everywhere in politics. The media houses keep their doors opened for them too and employ them as political journalists, analysts and researchers. Ph.D. degree holders can join the universities and colleges to begin their academic career. Many political scientists venture into consulting, personnel management, advertising, and public relations.


Important attributes are political interest, analytical and research skills, decision making and communication skills, in-depth knowledge of civics, history, social science, and public administration.


One can get admission into bachelor degree after completion of 10+2. One can also pursue a master degree and then Ph.D. Others can choose to go ahead with administrative jobs at central government. They can choose to have specialized knowledge in subjects like law, international relations, and communication science.

Merits and Demerits

Political science is a highly interesting and challenging field to work in. It gives you tons of opportunities to touch the new heights. It has some negative aspects too: In India, politicians are yet to get true recognition. Their names are connected with the corruption, inefficiency, and anarchy. This is the main reason why the majority of students do not go ahead with this subject.







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