PR Career Guide: Public Relations Job Titles, Descriptions, & Salary

Public relation professionals are the ones who are behind the image building mechanism of individuals. PR initiates and manages effective communication and relationship building which work towards creating a positive image and limiting the negative aspects they represent. PR persons can also take care that the publicity they get is less costly than the can be gained through advertising. PR professionals help is required in all the sectors like MNCs, private and public sector companies, NGOs, public figures and celebrities.

Job Opportunities

PR professionals are seen advising in various companies ranging from advertising, journalism, corporations, movies, and theatres, content writing and image consulting. PR persons work profile includes managing and organizing events, speaking on behalf of the company, attending the press conference and promotional activities, preparing speeches, advising on bodily gestures and addressing the employees. Entry level PR professional’s salary various from 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs rupees per annum.


A PR professional requires intelligence, lots of patience and a pleasing personality. PR’s work has to be multifold ranging from managing the company’s image to representing it on the world platform. Wit, common sense, good interpersonal and communication skills, understanding and deep thinking ability are the additional attributes.


In this competitive world, where everyone needs professional advising on almost everything, one must have initial training. One should have a degree in mass communication or public relations. Training at corporate or media house would be beneficial for the initiator.

Merits and Demerits

All the corporations and individuals respect PR professionals; others take their service because of prestige, power and exploring their position. This is the field where individuals grow alongside his career. However, sometimes individuals expect PR person to do a miracle and change the image overnight.



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