Print Journalist Career Guidance, Jobs & Opportunities.

A print journalist not only informs and entertains but also influences public opinion. The print journalist has to be well informed, well connected, objective and unbiased to succeed in this profession. If you are brave, want to use right to freedom and right to speak properly, if you believe in “pen is mightier than the sword”, then welcome to the profession of print journalism.

Job Opportunities

The daily routine of the journalist includes setting the ideas, researching facts, visiting the sites, working on assignments, interviewing different people, taking notes, discussing with seniors, making and printing news stories and finally editing the articles. Print Journalists are employed by newspaper houses. You can start as a trainee in these houses and earn up to 10000 rupees a month which can grow up to 50000 rupees per month.


Good analytical, logical ability, good command over Hindi and English, good researching skills, good interpersonal and communication skills, hard work, ability to work under pressure, cooperative and jolly nature, awareness of the national and international affairs, accuracy and decision making ability are the important attributes one must possess to be a print journalist. Other attributes include patience, observation power, confidence and creativity.


Diploma in Mass communication or journalism is must to be into this field. The course enables candidates to master verbal and written communication. It also helps the aspirants to learn computer graphics, publishing, photography, ethics and necessary laws.

Merits and Demerits

Print journalism is not the static profession; it is always moving and going with the flow. One will have tremendous opportunities to work with various categories of people. One can get satisfaction, good remuneration, respect and power to influence public opinion. Some negatives are there too: deadlines, pressure, traveling, irregular work hours and night shifts.



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