Printing Technologist Career: Opportunities, Jobs & Qualification.

Printing engineering has emerged as a powerful media recently. Printing designing and technology is everywhere today. We cannot imagine the static and colorless things around us. This sector has seen rapid innovation and technology and thus the demand for printing technologies has increased tremendously.

Job Opportunities

Lot of career opportunities are opened in both the sectors private and public. People can find employment opportunities under flexography, digital printing, color management solutions, packaging, machine manufacture and service and so on. Those with higher education can find teaching jobs in colleges and universities. Job offers a good salary in newspaper and publishing houses, packaging and press work. A beginner can get salary around 12000-15000 rupees per month.


Candidate must possess logical reasoning, patience, hard work, problem-solving skills, quick decision-making skills, drawing and computer skills.


The basic requirement to get the admission into bachelor degree is 10+2. Admission is on the basis of merit of AIEEE or another competitive exam. Master degree can opt in M.Tech in Print engineering and ME in print technology. One can also go ahead with Ph.D. after successful completion of Master degree.

Merits and Demerits

Print media is one of the most powerful mass communication media and as an essential part of press and publication. Professional in print media must work hard and have the patience to get good exposure in career. Today with increasing digitization and computerization of media has created doubts about the existence of print.



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