Career Guidance as a Psychologist in India

Psychologists are qualified professionals who use their studies and knowledge to understand physical, emotional and social dimensions of the human mind and behaviour.

Job Opportunities

Majority of them work independently as a consultant or counsellor. Other opt to work as teachers, in research and administration positions in private and government organizations. Their workplace varies from schools, colleges, counselling centres, hospitals, research centres and many company departments. Specialization can be done in clinical, industrial, development, social or research psychology. Their job prospects include a discussion with patients, helping them deal with a personal matter, giving medications and providing required therapy. Earning depends on qualification, area of specialization, knowledge, experience and their workplace. Remuneration in corporate is the highest. Initially one can get up to 15000 rupees a month.


Necessary attributes are communication and interpersonal skills, nice and pleasant personality, effective persuasion skill, jolly nature, easy and approachable behaviour, strong analytical mind, sensitivity, compassion and patience. Additional attributes include the ability to work and attend the clinic personally, motivate patients, self-confidence etc.


This subject is taught at an early level, mostly during school level. But one must have a bachelor degree to get the job in the respective field. After the bachelors, one can be qualified as a junior or assistant level. One can also pursue a PhD or M.Phill if he wants to go in research and development.

Merits and Demerits

From school to hospitals, medium to multinationals all is required to take help of psychologists sooner or later. Good job, self-independent prospect, high financial reward and job satisfaction are the plus points of this professional. However, in includes some negatives like constant interaction with depressed people and much patience.