Real Estate Manager: Career Guidance

There has been incredible growth in construction activities in India since the last five to seven years. Bungalows, multi-storied buildings, Shopping malls, complexes, IT parks, SEZs, complete townships, big community centers, these are all complete the list of construction activities in India. The demand for skilled real estate manager is very high who can build with modern and future perspective. Some real estate managers are the richest businessmen today.

Job Opportunities

The urban ministry has said recently that Indian real estate business is likely to grow at an average rate of 15 annually over the next 15 years. This vast investment in real estate will need numerous real estate developers and managers trained in real estate development and property market. There is a huge demand for real estate managers who can create a system in real estate development, finance, legal aspect, marketing, and property management. There is also a high demand for those human resource professionals who are trained not only in operational skills but also capable of giving managerial thoughts on different aspects of real estate in India. The salary rise and remuneration in real estate business is very good as compared to the other profession.


Aspirants from different streams like engineering, commerce, and science can take up the real estate managerial program. Certain attributes are required in this profession are leadership, teamwork, discipline, integrity, good analytical thought, observing power, awareness of environmental issues. Additional attributes include good dynamism, personality traits, interpersonal skills, good negotiation power, patience, practical knowledge, and physical stamina.


Basic education of 10+2 with subjects like mathematics and physics is necessary to take admission of this course. Knowledge of AutoCAD which has been taught in colleges can be an advantage. After completing a bachelor degree, one can go for a master degree in real estate management. Also, early practical training in well reputed real estate corporation is advisable.

Merits and Demerits

One’s career growth depends on the growth of the economy. Also, you have to work under various weather conditions on construction sites. The investment in real estate business would make a great demand for professional managers with good practical knowledge. In India, real estate is still in the initial stage and lots of work is unorganized resulting in hazardous accidents on construction sites.