Career in Retail Marketing: Opportunities & Eligibility

Markets are flooded with various products and services today and this has resulted in creating tremendous job opportunities in retail marketing. Retail marketing is a fast-paced service-oriented career. Retail marketing is the process of selling goods and services to end users from organized retail counters. Two career categories can be categorized as merchandise or purchasing goods for retail outlet and retailing or selling it to the end customers.

Job Opportunities

Professionals in this profession need to pitch the products many times to the customers visiting the retail outlets. Displaying products, giving explanation, helping customers, convincing them for buying is the job profile of a retail marketing professional. One can find job opportunities in store management, product planning, market research, business management, product promotion and online retailing.  Starting salary can be 15000 a month. Special packages, bonus, and incentives are offered to the best retailing professional from time to time.


Working is simple but yet challenging. It requires good interpersonal and communication skills, awareness of the business, knowledge of accounting, customer service orientation, problem-solving skills, good nature, approachable behavior, patience, peaceful mind, and pleasant attitude.


A degree in business management is required for securing a management position in retail merchandising. A better understanding in accounting and finance, inventory control, product promotion plan will be advantageous.

Merits and Demerits

Retail marketing helps one gain good command over communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills. It also offers a good platform to collect contacts for future entrepreneurial initiative. The negative side is the salary is not so high in the initial stage.